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At 22 stone I knew I needed to do something. I lost 5 stone and came to a plateau and couldn't shift any more weight. Then I discovered Powerhoop! Wow, I was addicted immediately as Powerhoop is the only exercise I've ever enjoyed. I started with one class per week and then two. It's so much fun and I love it. 
The difference in my stomach and waist since starting Powerhoop is incredible and I would recommend it to everyone. In just 9 months I lost 2.5 stone and am now wearing a size 14 - I'm overjoyed, Powerhoop is just amazing.
Nicola Galloway, age 37, Newcastle.
Powerhooping has tightened my core muscles and I feel so much fitter and healthier. I've got 6 kids and a lot of loose skin but since Powerhooping it's shrunk a lot! I love it! My instructor has kept me going and has been an inspiration. Powerhoop has given me the results I was looking for! I've lost 4.5 stone! Very very happy! 
Beverley Burn, age 40, Newcastle