Powerhoop Products can be currently purchased via your instructor who will bring your order to class for you to collect. (save p&p)

Orders can to be paid for in cash, cheque or bank transfer or via the online shop

For those that have their own hoop, you will be able to take the drop a dress size in 6 weeks challenge! 🙂 Ask us for more details 🙂

Your Price    
Slim hoop:     £29.95            
Deluxe hoop:   £55.00   
DVD (45min) £9.95                   
Powergloves:  £16.95    
Carry Bag:     £3.95        
RRP on Powerhoop UK Website

Slim hoop:    £29.95 + £9.90 p&p    
Deluxe hoop:  £55 + £9.90 p&p   
DVD:  RRP:    £9.95 + 95p p&p     
Powergloves:  £16.95 + £3.95 p&p     
Carry Bag:    £3.95 + £2.25 p&p